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Volume 14, 1881
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“List of Sertularians collected in Wellington,” by T. W. Kirk.


“Abnormal Colouring in the Kokako,” by T. W. Kirk.


Glaucopis wilsoni.—The first notice of albinism in New Zealand representatives of this genus will be found on page 154 of Dr. Buller's “Birds of New Zealand.” The specimen is a partial albino shot by Mr. H. H. Travers at the foot of Mount Franklin, and is of the usual colour with the exception of a few white feathers on the neck, head, back, and one or two partially white in each wing.


Glaucopis cinerea.—An albino of this species was caught on the Rimutaka Range in 1877, and kept alive for several months by Mr. G. Elliotte, proprietor of the Pakuratahi Hotel, during which time it became quite tame, and would, I am informed, feed from the hand. The whole of the plumage was pure white, the eyes and wattles pink, the latter being very small.

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Two specimens recently purchased for the Museum may be said to be intermediate between (1) and (2). They were obtained on the Rimutaka Mountain near Featherston. Both specimens are alike, and about the usual size. Breast and abdomen pale slaty-grey, back and top of head same colour, but of a lighter shade, almost white in places. Wings and tail white, under surface of wings slaty-grey; shafts of quills white.