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Volume 14, 1881
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3. “The New Zealand Dascyllidæ,” by Captain Broun. (Reserved for separate publication).


The author remarked that we are indebted to Dr. Sharp, of Dumfries, for most of our information on this difficult family of beetles. Dr. Sharp enumerates 8 genera and 24 species. In the “Manual of the NewZealand Coleoptera,” 11 new species are added, and in the present paper 16 more, making a total of 56 species known to inhabit New Zealand. Only 14 kinds are known to exist in Great Britain.


Mr. Josiah Martin exhibited some photographs taken by the new platinum process.

On the motion of Mr. Peacock, seconded by Mr. Firth, Mr. J. T. Mackelvie, F.R.G.S., and Mr. T. Russell, C.M.G., were elected honorary members of the Auckland Institute.