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Volume 14, 1881
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“Historical Incidents and Traditions of the Ancient Maoris of this East Coast, showing much of their habits, customs, and ways of thinking in the olden time,—ages before they were first visited by Europeans,” Part III., by W. Colenso, F.L.S. (Transactions, p. 3).

This paper, being particularly curious, archaic and recondite, was largely elucidated by explanatory remarks, and also by drawings in the Journal of Sydney Parkinson, who was Sir Joseph Banks' draughtsman, and here in New Zealand with him in Cook's first voyage.


The Hon. Secretary exhibited an interesting collection of tertiary fossils (probably from both Upper and Lower Eocene), containing many species of the classes Coral and Bryozoa, collected by Mr. J. Stewart, of Takapau, in that neighbourhood; and also by Mr. Colenso, at waipawa.