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Volume 14, 1881
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“A Description of two New Zealand Shells, of the Genera Unio and Patella, discovered long ago, and though early described and published, yet believed to be but little known to science,” by W. Colenso, F.L.S. (Transactions, p. 168).

Specimens of those shells in excellent preservation were shown; although they had been forty years in a cabinet they still possessed their natural colours. This species of variegated Unio is rare, and is believed to be by far the largest known of that genus in New Zealand.


Two fossil teeth of some unknown mammal, obtained from the depth of 117 feet in sinking an artesian well at Meeanee, were also exhibited by the Honorary Secretary. These, from the very great scarcity of remains of fossil mammalia in New Zealand, excited much interest; they are lower-jaw incisors, nearly 2 inches long, perfect, and in excellent preservation.

Specimens of both plants and shells were set apart as donations to the Colonial Museum at Wellington.