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Volume 14, 1881
– 567 –

Council Meeting. 4th October, 1881.

The Right Rev. the Bishop of Waiapu, President, in the chair.

Captain W. R. Russell, M.H.R., was again chosen to vote in the election of the Board of Governors for the ensuing year, in accordance with clause 7 of the New Zealand Institute Act.

During the past year eight meetings of the Council have been held, and 11 new members elected, viz.:—Rev. W. Goodyear, Dr. Langer Carey, Major D. Scannell, and Messrs J. N. Bowerman, J. H. Brown, J. Chambers, jun., W. J. Ellison, F. Grant, C. D. Kennedy, W. Rainbow, and G. Rearden, making a total of 96, from which number, however, 2 have to be deducted (1 death, and 1 having left New Zealand), leaving 94; to this have now to be added 13 new members, nominated and elected at the annual and Council meetings, held on the 6th February, viz., Hon. J. N. Wilson, and Messrs. H. J. Baker, H. A. Banner, N. E. Beamish, B. Glass, P. Gow, R. C. Harding, E. W. Knowles, P. S. McLean, E. Moorhouse, R. Price, E. D. Tanner, and J. H. Vautier, making a present total of 107 members.

It was also resolved,—That steps should be taken forthwith to procure for the Society the permanent use of a suitable room, either by lease or by building, in which to keep their Library and Museum, and to hold their meetings; and that the Hon. Secretary be empowered to write to the Committee of the Athenæum on the matter.