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Volume 15, 1882
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– 43 –

9. Pros. siriana, Meyr.

(Tortrix siriana, Meyr., Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W., 1881, 521.)

Parva, alis ant. M. ochreo-brunneis, fusco-sparsis, F. saturate ochreis, puncto disci nigro; post. M. nigrescentibus, F. albidis.

– 44 –

Male, 10½–12 mm.; female, 14 mm.—Head and thorax in male deep brownish-ochreous, in female reddish-ochreous. Forewings narrow, costa moderately arched, hindmargin almost straight, rather strongly oblique; in male deep brownish-ochreous, mixed with dark fuscous, especially posteriorly, in female reddish-ochreous, with a few dark fuscous scales; a tolerably distinet dark fuscous dot in disc beyond middle: cilia ochreous, towards anal angle in male greyish, in female whitish. Hindwings and cilia in male blackish, in female whitish.

Markedly distinct by its unicolorous forewings, and the strongly-contrasted hindwings.

Taken in plenty in January amongst long grass near Hamilton, on the skirts of the forest. This, as well as the other species, appears to be very local.