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Volume 15, 1882
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– 359 –
Art. XLV.—Description of a Variety of Celmisia sessiliflora, Hook. f.

[Read before the Otago Institute, 30th January, 1883.]

Celmisia sessiliflora var. minor.

Much smaller in all its parts than the typical form of the species. Stems with leaves on about as stout as a goose quill, longer and much more branched. Leaves ⅙ of an inch long or less, ⅓0 wide; sheaths longer and broader than the leaves, and much more villous than the type, especially at the tops of the sheaths. Achene relatively very short, about ⅓ the length of the pappus.

This well-marked variety differs from the type of the species most conspicuously in the greatly smaller size of all its parts, and in the greater length and subdivision of its branches. Though separated from the specific type by a wide interval, the differences are not of sufficient variety to justify giving it specific rank. If, however, it should be found in other distant localities, I should have no doubt about regarding it as a distinct species. I have never gathered or seen any forms sensibly intermediate between this variety and the common form of the species. The genus is one that abounds in variable species, and the systematic working out of the varieties is much needed.

Hab. Swampy ground on the summit of Maungatua, Taieri: 2,900 feet.