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Volume 15, 1882
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– 543 –
Abstract of Annual Report

During the past session six ordinary meetings have been held. Ten papers were read at those meetings, viz.:–-One on Zoology, four on Botany, and five on miscellaneous subjects.

Besides those written papers there were also some suitable addresses and lectures given–-by the Vice-President at the opening of the winter session, by the Hon. Secretary to the memory of Dr. Darwin, and “On the Development of the Colour Sense,” and by Mr. Hamilton, with reference to a collection of Sponges exhibited by him.

During the year seven meetings of the Council were held–-for the election of new members; the selecting and ordering of books from England for the Library; the obtaining a lease for a term of years of a spacious room in the Athenæum from the trustees of the same; and for the general advancement and benefit of the Society.

There is a total of 108 members now on the roll, two members having died during the year, and eleven new members having been elected.

The valuable scientific works, ordered from England in the early part of the year amounting to nearly seventy volumes, have been received.

In addition to the standard works in the Library, the Council have agreed to order both from England and from Australia several scientific serials–-as “Nature,” “The Popular Science Observer,” “Knowledge,” and “The Natural History of Victoria (Zoology).”

The statement of accounts shows a credit balance of £215; the total expenditure for the year having been £180 4s. 0d., of which no less a sum than £81 11s. 10d. was expended on books and £75 in hire of premises.