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Volume 16, 1883
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The total number of analyses made in the Colonial Laboratory during the past year for general purposes is 293. Besides this, a number of analyses have been made under the Adulteration Act of 1880, and a few in aid of criminal procedures. The Laboratory number now arrived at is 3,511. The ordinary analyses are divisible as follows: Coals, 26; rock and minerals, 64; metals and ores, 52; examinations for gold or silver, 50; water, 37; and miscellaneous, 64: making up a total of 293.

The heaviest labour of the year has been expended upon analyzing the Taupo mineral waters—a work which has long been urgently required. Twenty-two of these, representing the principal mineral waters of this district, and well certified as to locality, etc., have been fully analyzed.

Those results which have a general interest are given in full in the annual Laboratory report.

James Hector,

20th July, 1883.