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Volume 16, 1883
– 549 –


Tremoctopus robsoni, n. sp.

This species differs from the description of the genus Tremoctopus as given by Adams, in that the web reaches to and extends beyond the tips of the superior arms.

– 550 –

Colour.—Above: dark-purple, lighter on the head. Below: bright silvery colour, with patches of rose. The web, which shows strong transverse lines, is of a pale rose colour.

Three specimens were obtained at Napier by Mr. C. H. Robson; but the pouches of two of them contained each an Hectocotylus, or third right arm of the male, peculiarly modified in order that it may perform certain functions, not yet fully understood, in connection with the propagation of its kind.

The species being new, it has been named after the discoverer, who was good enough to present the best specimen and also the Hectocotylus to the Museum.