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Volume 16, 1883
– 550 –

During the summer of 1881, the author captured in the Wellington Botanic Gardens, a butterfly which, on examination, proved to be the English Red Admiral or Alderman Butterfly (Vanessa atalanta). On several subsequent occasions specimens were seen, but contrary to their habit in England, they proved exceedingly shy and capture was impossible. However, examples of another English species, the Small Tortoiseshell butterfly (Vanessa urticæ) were obtained.

The importation of plants and seeds from various countries is now so extensive, that it is almost certain numerous insects, some useful, some destructive, will be brought into the colony. In order, therefore, that the noxious forms may be more speedily detected, and that confusion may not hereafter arise in our lists and catalogues, it is important that the appearance in a district of any uncommon or foreign form should be carefully noted.