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Volume 16, 1883
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– 552 –

3. Dr. Hector gave some interesting information relative to recent tidal disturbances. He expressed his opinion that the disturbance in Wellington harbour and along the coast of New Zealand yesterday morning had been caused by the volcanic eruption which took place at Krakatoa, in the Straits of Sunda, on Monday last, telegraphic intelligence of which appeared in last evening's paper. In the course of his remarks, Dr. Hector mentioned that the Straits of Sunda had always been remarkable for the eruptions which occurred there, and tradition assigned their formation and separation of the Islands of Java and Sumatra to a violent convulsion during the eleventh century. One eruption in the year 1772 swallowed up a tract of country fifteen miles long and six broad, and destroyed about 3,000 people. This was followed in 1815 by a violent disturbance which resulted in the loss of 7,000 lives, and the noise of which was heard 1,000 miles away; it would be interesting to trace the length of time occupied by the wave in reaching the shores of New Zealand.