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Volume 16, 1883
– 557 –

This paper gave an account of what has been observed of this curious phenomenon in other parts of the world, as recorded in “Nature” and other periodicals recently received. These mainly showed that all the phenomena to which he had directed the attention of the Society had been seen in every part of the world.

7. “Notice of Discovery of Amphibromus in New Zealand;” with Description of a new Species, by T. Kirk, F.L.S. (Transactions, p. 374.)

8. “Description of new Plants from Stewart Island,” by T. Kirk. (Transactions, p. 371.)

9. “Notes on Carmichælia,” with Descriptions of new Species; by. T. Kirk. (Transactions, p. 378.)

10. “On New Zealand Ichthyology,” by Dr. Hector. (Transactions, p. 322.)