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Volume 16, 1883
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Abstract of Annual Report.

The balance at credit of the Institute at the last annual meeting was £20 14s. 5d. The accounts now show a credit balance of £145 12s. 5d.

The number of members on the roll of the Institute for the year 1882, was 90, for this year there are 113, showing an increase of 23, as also an increase in the amount of subscriptions of £21 3s. 6d.

During the year there have been eight committee meetings, and two special meetings, making ten meetings altogether.

A meeting of the Westland Institute was held on the evening of the 21st of May, when a paper was read by Dr. Monckton, “On the Priority that should be given in Instruction in Natural History at the State School over many other Subjects.”

Thirteen new books have been added to the library during the year, making now a total of 2,289.

It was resolved to send Home £50 for the purchase of new books.

The number of visitors to the public reading room have been as numerous as in 1882.

Applications have been made to the Borough and County Councils, and to the Harbour Board for subsidies to supplement the funds of the Institute, and they have received £25 from the Borough Council, and a like sum from the Harbour Board.

Of the £6,000 voted for public libraries, the Institute will receive between £30 and £40.

The committee acknowledge donations to the Library and Museum.