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Volume 16, 1883
– 577 –

Professor von Haast said that he had found the leg bones of a new species of kiwi amongst some moa bones in the Nelson Museum. His reasons for classing these bones as belonging to a kiwi, and not to a moa, were their length as compared to their width and size; moa bones being always thick and massive, while the bones in question were thin as compared with moa bones of equal length. From their appearance he argued that they had probably been found in some peaty deposit, and not in a cave; cave bones being always highly charged with carbonate of lime. He proposed to call the new species Megalapteryx hectori, in recognition of Dr. Hector's important services to science.

3. Dr. Hudson exhibited a cluster of cones from a Pinus insignis, sent to him by Mr. Arthur Collins, Hillwood, Wakapuaka. Also a true New Zealand mackerel caught in Blind Bay.