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Volume 17, 1884
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Notes on the Weather During 1884

January.—Squally wet weather generally with heavy rain, especially during middle of month; wind S.W.; temperature below average. Earthquake reported on 30th at Wellington, at 1 a.m., slight.

February.—On the whole fine weather prevailed, with moderate wind and small rainfall, except in south; temperature below average. Slight earthquake reported in north on 1st, after midnight. Meteors seen on 22nd and 23rd.

March.—Fine weather, with moderate rainfall and winds; temperature below average. Earthquake in north on 19th, at 4.30 p.m., slight.

April.—Fine weather during this period, rainfall below average, temperature less than average and high pressure. Earthquakes at Wellington on 11th, 6.49 p.m., sharp; 16th, 6.28 a.m., smart; 25th, 11.55 a.m., slight: at Lincoln on 11th, at 6.50 p.m.

May.—Excess of rain generally; temperature below average; continued high pressure at times; strong winds. Earthquakes at Wellington on 1st, 8.40 p.m., slight; 8th, at 8.30 p.m., very slight.

June.—Rainfall less than average during this month; temperature about average; generally fine weather. Earthquakes at Wellington on 5th, at 3 a.m., slight, and at 12.10 p.m., slight.

July.—Rather unpleasant weather, showery and changeable, though rain below average.

August.—Showery squally weather generally during this period; temperature rather above the average.

September.—Generally fair weather for the time of year, average temperature, rain rather in excess. Meteor observed at Wellington on 9th.

October.—Rainfall generally in excess of average, and on the whole showery, squally, unpleasant month.

November.—Rainfall about average, temperature under the average, weather on the whole unsettled.

December.—A very wet month, rainfall at all stations in excess of average; temperature below average; squally weather.