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Volume 18, 1885
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– 320 –


Coprosma pumila, Hook. f. Between Fowler's Pass and Lake Guyon, etc., etc.

Mr. Cheeseman states that he can find no distinguishing characters between this species and C. repens, and believes both to be forms of the same plant.

I am unable to accept this view, on account of the wide difference between the fruits of the two species, independently of other characters. The fruit of C. pumila is spherical, slightly depressed, crimson, small; while that of C. repens is ovoid, purple, translucent, the largest of the genus. At elevations of 3,000 feet and upwards, C. pumila becomes nearly herbaceous; but C. repens invariably retains its ligneous habit, even at the extreme altitude of 4,500 feet.

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In “Handbook of the N.Z. Flora” the fruit of C. pumila is described as that of C. repens also.