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Volume 19, 1886

Eighteenth Annual Report, 1885–86.

Meetings of the Board were held on the 18th August, 1885, and the 8th February, 1886.

The members who retired in conformity with clause 6 of the Act were: The Hon. Mr. Waterhouse, the Hon. Mr. Mantell, and Mr. Travers, all of whom were reappointed by His Excellency as Governors of the Institute.

The elected members of the Board for the current year are: Mr. McKerrow, Mr. Maskell, and Dr. Hutchinson.

There is at present one vacancy in the roll of honorary members, owing to the death during the past year of Dr. Carpenter.

The members now belonging to the Institute are:—

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Honorary members 29
Ordinary members—
  Auckland Institute 299
  Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute 140
  Wellington Philosophical Society 256
  Philosophical Institute of Canterbury 135
  Nelson Philosophical Society 100
  Westland Institute 77
  Otago Institute 161
  Southland Institute 70
Total 1,267

The volumes of Transactions now in stock are: Vol. I. (second edition), 390; Vol. V., 42; Vol. VI., 43; Vol. VII., 140; Vol. IX., 144; Vol. X., 176; Vol. XI., 55; Vol. XII., 62; Vol. XIII., 63; Vol. XIV., 85; Vol. XV., 197; Vol. XVI., 220; Vol. XVII., 250; Vol. XVIII., not yet fully distributed.

In May, 1885, the following memorandum of a proposed change in the form of publication was considered by the Board, and copies were distributed to the various affiliated societies:—

– 584 –

“I. That each society be left to publish its own proceedings in pamphlet-form or otherwise. The proceedings to comprise: 1. Minutes of meetings. 2. Abstracts of papers or short papers in full. 3. Reports on discussions.

“Each society publishing in pamphlet-form to be expected to exchange liberally with other incorporated societies.

“Papers published at length, or in exhaustive abstract, need not be sent to the Board for republication in the Transactions, unless they require fuller publication with illustration.

“II. The Board to publish transactions and memoirs only—namely: 1. An annual demy-octavo volume as at present, containing miscellaneous papers and general contributions, that require only slight illustrations, or do not form a whole or the definite part of a complete memoir or monograph on any subject. The octavo volume to be called ‘Transactions,’ and to be distributed free, as at present, to all members of the Institute. 2. A quarto volume of special memoirs and monographs that require full illustration, to be published in parts from time to time as funds permit. Authors to have an opportunity of revising the press and illustrations in the case of the quarto memoirs. The distribution of the memoirs to be on the following terms: To members of the Institute (exclusive of honorary members, who will get them free) at half cost-price, or by compounding by a single payment to the Institute, such compounders to be called Fellows of the Institute.

“That not more than one-fourth of the parliamentary grant be in any year devoted to publishing memoirs, unless in the case of an extra grant being specially made for such purpose.”

As a step towards the adoption of this arrangement, a fresh agreement was entered into with the publishers on the 8th February, 1886, whereby they undertake the entire responsibility of placing the annual volume before the scientific public in Europe and America, and take half the risk incurred in printing the volumes required, to meet the extra demand thus created.

Under this contract the printing of Vol. XVIII. was commenced in March, and completed towards the end of May.

This volume commences a new series of the “Transactions of the New Zealand Institute,” in which, for convenience and economy, the size of the page has been reduced from royal to demy octavo. An alphabetical index has also been added to the volume for the first time. A general alphabetical index of authors and subjects, for the seventeen volumes which constitute the first series, has been prepared, and will be issued to all members of the Institute.

Vol. XVIII. contains sixty-two articles, also addresses and abstracts of articles included in the Proceedings and Appendix.

– 585 –

There are 488 pages and 16 plates. The following is a comparison of the contents with that of the volume for the previous year:—

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1886. 1885.
Pages. Pages.
Miscellaneous 72 80
Zoology 146 212
Botany 108 94
Chemistry 4 0
Geology 48 50
Astronomy 26 0
Proceedings 33 35
Appendix 51 65
488 536

The cost of printing the previous year's volume (XVII.) was £590 17s. 5d. for 536 pages, and the cost of the present year's volume (XVIII.), the first of the new series, is £390 14s. 9d. for 488 pages, or £200 2s. 8d. less than last year's publication.

A statement of accounts by the Honorary Treasurer is appended, showing a balance to the credit of the Institute of £60 15s. 11d., besides a credit balance in the hands of the London agent of about £40.

Approved by the Board.

Wm. F. Drummond Jervois, James Hector,

Chairman. Manager.

22nd July, 1886.