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Volume 19, 1886

First Meeting. 30th June, 1886.
Dr. Hector, President, in the chair.

Papers.—1. “Report on the Infusoria of New Zealand,” from the Microscopic Section of the Society. Communicated by W. M. Maskell, F.R.M.S. (Transactions, p. 49.)

2. “On the English Scaly Lizard in New Zealand, Zootoca vivipara,” by T. W. Kirk. (Transactions, p. 67.)

3. “Note on the Occultation of Jupiter and its Satellites, 16th April, 1886, as observed at Petone, New Zealand,” by Dr. Hector.

Times by watch, approximate to New Zealand mean time: Disappearance of 1st satellite, 11h. 28m. 20s.; 2nd satellite, 11h. 30m. 40s. Planet: 1st limb, 11h. 31m. 35s.; 2nd limb, 11h. 32m. 27s.; 3rd satellite, 11h. 34m. 0s.; 4th satellite, 11h. 35m. 15s. Reappearance: 1st satellite, 12h. 42m. 30s.; 2nd satellite, 12h. 44m. 45s. Planet: 1st limb, 12h. 45m. 30s.; 2nd limb, 12h. 47m. 10s.; 3rd satellite, 12h. 48m. 0s.; 4th satellite, 12h. 49m. 20s. Observed with a 4in. refractor, 100 diameter eye-piece. At disappearance of satellites no change, but sharp and sudden. The advancing limb of the planet on dark edge of the moon was blurred before it was flattened, and during the occultation the planet's disc was crossed by a distinct silvery streak parallel with the moon's edge, decidedly brighter than the rest of the planet, and distant about 4″ from the moon's edge. Between this streak and the moon's edge the light was only slightly, if at all, brighter than the rest of the disc. This streak maintained its position relative to the moon's edge until the planet was almost totally occluded, but the last film of light from the planet's limb suddenly shrank to a minute point of light, which disappeared sharply in the same manner as the satellites had done. The reappearance of the planet from the bright limb of the moon showed no silvery streak, but a dusky film seemed to divide the planet from the moon, as it passed from behind, and especially at the time of final emergence.

4. The President delivered an address. (Transactions, p. 461.)