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Volume 19, 1886
– 603 –

Seventh Meeting: 23rd August, 1886.
Professor F. D. Brown, President, in the chair.

New Members.—Rev. J. Campbell, Dr. Challinor Purchas.

Papers.—1. “The Medicinal Properties of certain New Zealand Plants,” by J. Baber, C.E. (Transactions, p. 319.)

Dr. Murray Moore spoke in favourable terms of the paper. He was confident that many New Zealand plants would yield drugs of considerable value. The active principle of the Karaka berry was worth investigation, as it was not improbable that it would be useful in paralytic affections. He gave an instance of the curing of a severe case of dysentery by means of an extract prepared from the root of Phormium tenax, and mentioned several other well-known plants which promised to be of service in medicine.

Mr. Stewart mentioned the Kawakawa (Piper excelsum), the Raukawa (Panax edgerleyi), and the Horopito. (Drimys axillaris), as likely to prove of medicinal value.

Mr. Adams also commented in favourable terms on the paper. With respect to the poisoning of cattle by Tutu, he pointed out that cattle running freely over the country were rarely if ever poisoned, but if fed in grass paddocks, and then suddenly turned out into the bush, great mortality often ensued. He instanced several plants that might have been included in Mr. Baber's list.

2. “New Species of Pselaphidœ,” by Capt. T. Brown.