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Volume 19, 1886

Westland Institute.

Abstract of Annual Report.

The number of members on the roll is 85, and the total receipts, including a balance of £22 17s. 1d. carried forward from last year, amount to £229 9s. 3d. The expenditure has been £203 4s. 11d., of which £17 6s. 1d. was expended in purchasing 95 volumes of new books from Melbourne, and £23 was remitted to England for books. The assets exceed the liabilities by £15 18s.

During the year there have been twelve ordinary Committee meetings and one special meeting.

Election of Officers for 1887

Election of Officers for 1886–87.—President—J. P. Will; Vice-president—Rev. H. Gould; Treasurer—Jno. Nicholson; Committee—J. N. Smyth, R. Cross, Captain Bignell, J. Elcoate, A. H. King, E. B. Sammons, C. Horgan, M. Atkinson, C. F. A. Broad, J. W. Souter, M. L. Moss, G. J. Roberts; Secretary—Richard Hilldrup.