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Volume 19, 1886
– 618 –

Fifth Meeting: 9th August, 1886.
The President in the chair.

Papers.—1. “Description of a Curiously Deformed Bill of the Huia,” by W. Colenso, F.R.S. (Transactions, p. 140.)

2. “Further Observations and Notes on the Gestation, Birth, and Young of a Lizard, a Species of Naultinus,” by W. Colenso, F.R.S. (Transactions, p. 147.)

3. “A Description of a New Species of Orthopterous Insect of the Genus Hemideina,” by W. Colenso, F.R.S. (Transactions, p. 145.)

4. “A few Observations on the Tree-Ferns of New Zealand, with particular reference to their peculiar epiphytes, their habits and manner of growth,” by W. Colenso, F.R.S. (Transactions, p. 252.)

5. “On Traces of Volcanic Dust-Showers at Napier, Petane, etc.,” by H. Hill, B.A. (Transactions, p. 385.)

6. “On the Remarkable Sagacity of Small Birds,” by Mr. G. Kells, of Napier. Communicated by Mr. N. Heath.

Exhibits:—Specimens were exhibited by Mr. Colenso, illustrating his papers; and also specimens of a small fly recognized by Mr. Maskell as the hitherto unknown male of Icerya purchasi, the wattle blight.

The President, at the commencement of the meeting, took occasion to congratulate Mr. Colenso on his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society.

The following resolution was moved and carried:—

“That the members of the Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute have received with much satisfaction the news that a Fellowship has been conferred by the Royal Society of England upon the Rev. W. Colenso, one of its members, and they authorize that the fact be entered upon the minutes of the proceedings of the Society; and, further, that a letter be sent to Mr. Colenso in the name of the Society, and signed by the President and Secretary, congratulating him upon the honour he has received from the Royal Society in recognition of the services he has rendered to the cause and advancement of science.”