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Volume 19, 1886
– 619 –

Sixth Meeting: 13th September, 1886.
The President in the chair.

Papers.—1. “On the Causes of Volcanic Action,” by J. Hardcastle. (Transactions, p. 338.)

2. “An Enumeration of Fungi recently discovered in New Zealand, with brief notes thereon,” by W. Colenso, F.R.S. (Transactions, p. 301.)

3. Mr. N. Heath communicated to the Society the result of an experiment made by Mr. Murray, of Napier, who procured some porpoise-skins from the Mahia, and had them prepared in England, hoping that they might be of use for the manufacture of boots, &c.; but the result showed that the skins were utterly worthless, and the tanner informed Mr. Murray that porpoise-leather is made from the skin of a small species of whale (Beluga).

Exhibits.—The Honorary Secretary exhibited stuffed specimens of Gonorhynchus grayi and Chilomycterus jaculifera, and two species of Holothurians from Port Ahuriri. Mr. Heath brought a skin of Diodon maculatus, presented to the Museum by Captain Crayshaw, of Dunedin. Mr. H. O. Johnson, of Hastings, lent for exhibition a beautiful specimen (in spirit) of Coronula balœnarii, on which were growing three fine specimens of Alepas cornuli. Casts of the vertebra and humerus of Mauisaurus haasti were also shown, and a beautiful kiwi-feather mat, lent by the Hon. Secretary.