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Volume 20, 1887


The following has been received from Professor T. Jeffery Parker, as an addendum to his paper “On a Specimen of Regalecus recently stranded in Otago Harbour” (see pp. 2029):—

I regret having missed hitherto an important figure and description of Regalecus by Mr. E. L. Layard, in the “Proceedings of the Zoological Society” for May 28th, 1868. The specimen is called Gymnetrus capensis (?) and was 10 feet 2 inches long. The ventral fins were perfect, and show both the terminal cutaneous expansion and the small dorsal lobe figured by Cuvier, at the junction of the middle and posterior thirds. The general features of the crest are correctly shown, and the pink spots on it are mentioned.

Everything seems to lead to the conclusion that most of the supposed species of Regalecus are identical, and that the more recent specific names (including argenteus) will have to give way, probably in favour of Ascanius's original name, glesne.