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Volume 20, 1887
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6. Samples were exhibited of trachyte tuff and breccia constituting the auriferous deposit recently found in the level ground west of Te Aroha. Collected by Professor Hutton, F.G.S.

The material, which appeared to be somewhat of the nature of an infiltrated quartz reef, which had been decomposed and then distributed as a surface deposit, was found to contain gold at a rate varying from 2 oz. to 14 oz. to the ton. The gold occurs in twisted angular flakes and grains, and is associated in a light felspar sand with heavier grains of quartz, mica, and titanic iron. It will probably prove to be the outcrop of an important reef, from which the sulphides have been removed by decomposition so that gold is left in its free state. The gold is the usual alloy of the district—consisting of gold 80.47 per cent., silver 16.91, loss 2.62, previous assays having varied from 77 to 84 per cent. This sample is, therefore, an average one.