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Volume 20, 1887
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– 445 –

The remainder of the evening was occupied by the examination, under microscopes lent by various members, of slides illustrating the propagation and reproduction of Algœ. The following objects were exhibited:—

  • Penium margaritaceum, conjugation, with single smooth zygospore.

  • Closterium acerosum, " "

  • Closterium acertum, " with double smooth zygospore.

  • Cosmarium stanmorense " with spiny globular zygospore.

– 446 –
  • Spirogyra princeps, conjugation, with oval zygospores in the cells.

  • Micrasterias denticulata, in process of division.

  • Micrasterias ampullacea, "

  • Draparnaldia glomerata, with spores emerging from the cells.

  • Volvox globator, with “resting-spores” (V. stellatus, Ehr.).

  • Rhodymenia (species), with sections of coccidia and spores.