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Volume 20, 1887
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2. “On a small-sized Specimen of the Hapuka, Hectoria (Oligorus) gigas, Castelneau, caught in Wellington Harbour,” by Sir James Hector.

Young specimens of this well-known New Zealand fish are rarely met with. The New Zealand fish was separated by Count Castelneau from the Australian genus Oligorus, freshwater fish known as Murray Cod, on account of the presence of two instead of only one opercular spine. This young specimen (14 in. long) proves that this peculiarity is present, in an early stage of development. At the same time, the form of the young fish, it was

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pointed out, very much resembled that of the young Murray God. The author stated that he had found the Hapuka crowding, for the purpose of spawning, where large rivers fall almost direct into deep sea water, at the head of some of the West Coast Sounds.