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Volume 20, 1887
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– 453 –

2. “On the Occurrence of Bismuthic Gold at the Owen Goldfields,” by William Skey.


The author, after adverting to the fact that in February last he had in a paper to this Society announced the presence of metallic bismuth at the Owen Goldfields, but in quantity so minute that the metal as metal was invisible, went on to express the pleasure which he felt in being able to exhibit to the Society metallic bismuth from the Owen in the nuggety form. He then described the bismuthic gold (a sample of which was exhibited), and concluded his paper by giving its approximate composition, promising, however, a more extended and rigorous analysis as soon as further samples were available for the purpose.

– 454 –

This variety of gold, he said, was very rare, and within his knowledge was the richest in bismuth of any yet announced. This gold loses 11.62 per cent, in nitric acid: the loss is principally bismuth; the remainder is silver, wtih traces of copper.

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Approximate composition:—
Gold 78.41
Silver 5.62
Bismuth 14.81
Copper Traces.
Loss 1.16