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Volume 20, 1887
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– 455 –

Ten general meetings have been held during the past year, at which 36 papers or short notices were read by the following gentlemen:—Messrs. W. M. Maskell, F.R.M.S., T. W. Kirk, T. Wakelin, B.A., W. Skey, Sir James Hector, T. Kirk, F.L.S., E. Tregear, F.R.G.S., J. C. Crawford, F.G.S., J. S. Prendeville, A. Reischek, Hon. J. W. Fortescue, and W. W. Carlile, M.A. Besides the above, an address was delivered by the President (Dr. Hutchinson). It was stated that an arrangement was made with Messrs. Lyon and Blair at the commencement of the year for the publication of the proceedings of the meetings in their “Monthly Record,” and this had been carried out with great success, and met with the approval of the members generally and also the leading members of other Societies, who had expressed satisfaction at the step taken by the Society in this matter. The good example thus set would, it was hoped, have the effect of carrying out the suggestion made in the New Zealand Institute Report of 1886—viz., that each Society should publish its own proceedings. The Council wished that the thanks of the Society should be officially recorded to Messrs. Lyon and Blair, for the courteous and liberal manner in which they had met the wishes of the Society. Twelve new members had been elected during the year, and nearly 100 volumes added to the library, either by purchase or presentation. The balance-sheet showed an expenditure of £184 0s. 11d., which left a credit balance of £39 16s. 2d.

In moving the adoption of the report and balance-sheet, the Chairman spoke of the valuable assistance rendered by Dr. Hutchinson during his term of Presidency. He had been a most enthusiastic worker, and had

– 456 –

always had the interests of the Society at heart. It was a cause of great regret by the Society that he had left them, but they could tender him their hearty thanks and wish him every success in his new sphere.

The report and balance-sheet were passed.