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Volume 20, 1887
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4. “An Account of recent Researches on the Pineal Gland and the Median Eye of Vertebrates,” by T. Jeffery Parker.

Exhibits.—(1.) The President exhibited a photograph, taken by Mr. E. A. Chapman, (of Grampian Station,) of snow crystals, collected in the Mackenzie country. The crystals, which varied in diameter from ⅛th to ⅝th inch, showed all the forms of 6-rayed stars as commonly seen in ice under the microscope. (2.) Mr. Paulin exhibited a collection of minerals made by him in the Big Bay District. (3.) Mr. Haworth showed a working model of his patent safety cage. (4.) Professor Parker exhibited the skeleton and stuffed skin of the large ribbon-fish (Regalecus) described by him, both splendidly mounted by the museum taxidermist, Mr. E. Jennings. (5.) Professor Parker showed microscopical sections of the pineal eye in embryo lizards.