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Volume 21, 1888
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4. " On the Supposed Occurrence of Two Sets of Green-sand-beds at Waihao Forks, South Canterbury," by Alexander McKay, F.G.S.


This paper dealt chiefly with certain mistakes and misapprehensions contained in previous papers on the geology of the Waihao Valley, and explained some matters complained of in Professor Hutton's last paper on this subject. In vol. xix. of " Transactions of the New Zealand In

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stitute " Professor Hutton sought to show that the Waihao Forks green-sands do not underlie the limestones of the Oamaru system at that place; and Mr. McKay, in reply, endeavoured to prove that they do. In vol. xx., "Trans. N.Z. Inst.," Professor Hutton admits there is a greensan'd under the limestone, but contends that it is not the greensand equivalent to that at the Waihao Forks, which, as appears, he still regards as younger than the Waihao limestone. Mr. McKay also admits the occurrence of two distinct deposits or bands of greensand, but he maintains that both have a position inferior to the Waihao limestone.

Mr. Park said there was really no geology in this paper ; it was merely an explanation of some personal differences between the author and Professor Hutton. He deplored the fact that personalities should find their way into scientific discussions, and thought it would be wise to exclude such papers from publication.