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Volume 21, 1888
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Professor Parker gave an account of the methods now adopted in the best natural-history museums of mounting animals in as naturalistic a manner as possible, and exhibited a number of photographs (taken by Mr. A. H. Burton) of New Zealand birds so grouped, with their appropriate surroundings.

Professor Parker also exhibited a series of diagrams, intended for use in the Otago Museum, illustrating the distribution of animals in geological time.

Papers.—1. “On the Distribution and Varieties of the Freshwater Crayfish (Paranephrops) in New Zealand,” by Charles Chilton, M.A. (Transactions, p. 237.)

Professor Parker congratulated the author on having worked out his subject in a thoroughly scientific manner, and expressed the hope that others would work out the questions of distribution of our New Zealand forms in as thorough a way.

2. “On a Striated Rock-surface from Boatman's, near Reefton,” by George J. Binns, F.G.S. (Transactions, p. 335.)