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Volume 21, 1888
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– 523 –

During the session eight general meetings have been held, at which two lectures were delivered, and ten papers were read.

The meetings have been remarkably well attended, and greatly increased interest has been shown by the members.

During the sitting of the Senate of the University of New Zealand, in Dunedin, the Council organized a conversazione in the University library (kindly lent for the occasion by the Otago University Council) on the 9th March, to which the members of the Senate were invited.

Early in May the Council brought under the notice of the Marine Department the desirability of making some provision whereby qualified members of the New Zealand Institute might take advantage of the trips of Government steamers to the outlying islands (Kermadec, Chatham, Auckland, Campbell, Macquarie, Antipodes, &c.) for purposes of scientific research. The Council regret that the Government have declined to accede to their request.

Twenty-one new members, including one life-member, have been added during the year. The number on the roll is now 154, of whom 10 are life-members.

The balance-sheet shows the total receipts for the year, including a balance of £85 0s. 2d. from previous year, to amount to £211 1s. 8d., and the expenditure to £128 4s. 3d., leaving a credit balance of £82 17s. 5d. The sum of £243 4s. 1d. is on fixed deposit in the Union Bank. The present balance of assets over liabilities, exclusive of the library, is £319 7s.