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Volume 21, 1888

First Meeting: 11th June, 1888.
The President, W. Colenso, F.R.S., in the chair. The President delivered an address.

Exhibits.—1. Specimen of the Clianthus, in which the ordinary foliage of the plant was compacted into large masses or balls on the stem; sent by Mr. Balfour, of Glenross.

2. A fine specimen of the butterfly-fish (Gasterochisma melampus), received for the Museum from Dr. Spencer. The fish was east on board one of the small coastal steamers by a wave off Cape Turnagain.

3. A pair of skins of the Platypus; presented by Mr. J. Vigor Brown.

4. An albino lark, presented by Mr. T. Moore, of Waimarama.

5. A number of living sea-anemones were exhibited by the Hon. Secretary—some from Wellington and some from Christ-church.

6. A bottle containing a quantity of quicksilver from the hot springs at Ohaeawai, Bay of Islands; from Mr. J. A. Smith.