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Volume 21, 1888
– 527 –

Third Meeting: 13th August, 1888.
The President, W. Colenso, F.R.S., in the chair.

Papers.—1. “On the Neighbourhood of Te Aoroa, Northern Wairoa,” by J. Harding, of Mount Vernon, Waipukurau. (Transactions, p. 336.)

2. “On the Mental Effect of certain Vowel-sounds,” by R. C. Harding, Napier. (Transactions, p. 418.)

An interesting discussion arose on Mr. Harding's paper.

3. “A Legend of Raukawa,” by T. Pine; communicated by the Hon. Secretary. (Transactions, p. 416.)

A very large number of exhibits was brought forward at this meeting; amongst others—A fine specimen of Pteroceras, brought by Mr. J. Harding from Maunganui; a number of slabs of polished greenstone, by the President, together with some old and historic Maori greenstones, a tiki, ear-drops, and a beautiful mere of historic fame. Mr. Stanton sent a very beautiful carved canoe-paddle and two taiahas. Three enormous tibiæ of the moa from the Te Aute Swamp, each 36in. long, together with a collection of carved boxes used by the Maoris for various purposes, were shown by the Hon. Secretary.