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Volume 23, 1890
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Art. XXI.—Description of a Remarkable Variation in the Colour of Platycercus auriceps.

[Read before the Nelson Philosophical Society, 11th November, 1890.]

This beautiful bird, exhibited by Mr. W. Martin, was shot near the reservoir in Brook Street, Nelson, during the month of September.

In general appearance it somewhat resembles the splendid specimen now in the Colonial Museum, Wellington, referred to in Sir Walter Buller's work on the birds of New Zealand (p. 143), as shot in Eve's Valley, Waimea, by Mr. Fabian. But it differs in the following respect: There is very little, if any, indication of the normal colouring—i.e., green—on the quill- and tail-feathers.

The following is a description of the present specimen:-

General plumage beautiful vivid canary-yellow; narrow band of crimson across forehead; on each side of rump the uropygial spot of rich crimson. Quills very pale yellowish-white, slightly mottled with brownish-grey; secondaries yellowish-white; larger wing-coverts very dark brown, with slightly-bluish green reflection; lesser wing-coverts rich canary-yellow, slightly shaded with grey at the tips. Tail-feathers canary-yellow, the quills being white. Bill bluish-white; legs and feet flesh-white.

Length, 10.4in.; tail, 4.3in.; culmen, 0.6in.

Wing-flexure, 6.1in.