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Volume 23, 1890
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Correspondence Respecting Donation of Books.

No. 1.—Mr. Carter's Letter to the Board.

Dear Sir,—

Wellington, 22nd January, 1890.

I am desirous of presenting to the New Zealand Institute and Colonial Museum my library of books on or relating to New Zealand, of the value of £300. One folio volume alone cost me £20. It is, I believe, the largest collection of books of its kind in any library in the colony, and contains over a hundred works more than are in the collection of similar books in the Melbourne Free Library. The collection consists of 395 works on New Zealand, of which sixty-four are pamphlets, forming (with the sixty-two duplicate copies) a selection of 557 volumes, to which I have added sixty printed catalogues of the same.

I respectfully offer the collection to the New Zealand Institute and Colonial Museum on the following conditions; (1.) It is to be placed in a suitable position in the library of the Institute. (2.) A properly-constructed book-case, with glass doors, is, without delay, to be provided for its reception. (3.) The books are to be used as works of reference only, and not to pass outside the Museum.

I should part with the collection with some regret did I not think it would be more useful to the public than by remaining in my possession. I do not anticipate that the present generation will appreciate its value, but I venture to hope that a succeeding one will.

To collect and collate this small library of books on New Zealand has been to me, I may say, a labour of love, the fruits of which I now wish to intrust to your safe keeping. I have also to present to the Museum a collection of arms gathered on the battle fields of the Franco-German war of 1870-71, and a French chassepot rifle used during the siege of Paris in 1871.

I have, &c.,

No. 2.—Reply to Mr. Carter, and Resolution of Board.

C. B. Carter.

Sir James Hector, K.C.M.G., Colonial Museum.