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Volume 23, 1890
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2. “Notes on the Entomology of the Inland Kaikouras,” by G. V. Hudson, F.E.S.

Mr. Maskell was well acquainted with this part of the country, and he was not surprised to hear that it was such poor ground for the collection of insects. Large fires had frequently swept the surface of all growth, and this no doubt would be unfavourable to insect-life.

Mr. McKay thought that probably the reason why so few species of insects were found in this locality was that as high and mountainous country this corner of the South Island was of very recent date, and it might be that many species had not yet found their way into the region in question, or had been there for so short a period that by evolution fresh species had not as yet made their appearance.

The President took this opportunity of stating that, as agreed upon at a former meeting, he had, in company with Sir Walter Buller, waited on the Minister of Education to urge the Government to assist Mr. Hudson in the publication of his new work on New Zealand entomology, with the

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result that the Government had agreed to take a thousand copies for distribution among the State schools of the colony. He was sure that the members would be glad to hear that they had been so successful.

Mr. Hudson thanked the President, Sir W. Buller, and the members generally for the interest they were taking in the production of his work.