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Volume 23, 1890
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– 618 –

Papers.—1. “On Spontaneous Division in Star-fish,” by Professor A. P. W. Thomas.

2. “Notice of the Occurrence of the Basking Shark (Selache maxima, L.) in New Zealand,” by T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S. (Transactions, p. 126.)

3. Professor Thomas exhibited a new and improved ribbon microtome recently obtained from England for the University College, and explained its mode of working.

4. “The Story of John Rutherford,” by Archdeacon W. L. Williams. (Transactions, p. 453.)

Dr. Purchas asked whether it would not be possible to identify Rutherford's dwelling-place in New Zealand by the tattooing which he had received. He was of opinion that the Maoris had different kinds of tattooing in different districts; and if the tattoo represented in the portrait of Rutherford was reliable—and it appeared to him to be so—an expert in such matters ought to be able to name the tribe with which he resided. He agreed with Archdeacon Williams in disbelieving Rutherford's story of the capture of the “Agnes” and the massacre of the crew, for if this had really occurred in the East Cape district the Maoris must have had some traditions relating to it.

– 619 –

Mr. Stewart and other speakers also expressed their concurrence with Archdeacon Williams's views.