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Volume 23, 1890

First, Meeting: 7th May, 1890.
J. T. Meeson, B.A., President, in the chair.

Paper.—“The Rainfall of New Zealand (Part I.),” by J. T. Meeson, B.A. (Transactions, p. 546.)

Professor Hutton agreed with most of Mr. Meeson's paper; and pointed out that, with the exception of the Bealey, all the meteorological observations were coastal. Further observations no doubt would show less average rainfall, and perhaps greater extremes of temperature. Forest-growth might be expected to give a fair idea of the general rain-record; and this is the case, for the amount of rainfall and forest-growth agree well, with but slight exceptions.

Mr. Meeson, in reply, stated that the Bealey and Rotorua were the only two inland stations, and that statistics were wanted not only as to rainfall, but as to other meteorological phenomena, and he thought that money might be better spent on such statistics than on the Signal Service Department.