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Volume 23, 1890
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Sixth Meeting: 2nd October, 1890.
J. T. Meeson, B.A., President, in the chair.

Papers.—1. “On the Timaru Loess Formation as a Register of Climate,” by J. Hardcastle. (Transactions, p. 324.)

Professor Hutton criticized the paper adversely, and contended that the author had taken everything he had seen as proving his theory, and ignored or overlooked the evidences against it.

2. “Determination of the Origin of the Earthquake of the 5th December, 1881, felt at Christchurch,” by G. Hogben, M.A. (Transactions, p. 465.)

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3. “Note on the Disappearance of the Moa,” by H. O. Forbes, F.R.G.S.; communicated by the Secretary. (Transactions, p. 373.)

Professor Hutton said that the fact that the Maoris in the South Island had no tradition regarding the hunting of the moa might be thus explained. The Maoris had several times been exterminated in the South Island by tribes from the North, and probably none of the ancestors of the present race had hunted the moa. The cave might have been shut up for wo hundred years.

4. “Revised List of the Marine Bryozoa of New Zealand,” by Professor F. W. Hutton. (Transactions, p. 102.)

5. “On Glacier-motion,” by J. Hardcastle. (Transactions, p. 332.)