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Volume 23, 1890
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After the business of the meeting was over, Mr. D. Brent mentioned that the Otago Institute was just twenty-one years old. On the 3rd July, 1867, Mr. J. S. Webb, who took a very active part in the founding of the Institute, convened a meeting in the long room of the Athenæum Hall, at which Dr. Hocken was also present. About three weeks afterwards a meeting was held in the Provincial Council Library, at which the Otago Institute was formally constituted. A list of the original members showed eighty names, and on looking over it he was surprised to find that twenty of them still belonged to the Institute. They were: Messrs. C. W. Adams, G. M. Barr, A. Bathgate, L. O. Beal, A. Beverley, D. Brent, R. Chapman, W. Fraser (Earnscleugh), Dr. Hocken, Jas. McKerrow, W. Martin (Green Island), A. C. Purdie, E. E. C. Quick, James Rattray, Hon. W. H. Reynolds, G. G. Russell, H. Skey, and Sir R. Stout. Others had left the colony, but the following original members had passed away. Messrs. W. Arthur, Dr. Borrows, R. Gillies, S. Hawthorne, W. Langlands, J. Macandrew, W. D. Murison, A. C. Strode, and J. T. Thomson. Judge Ward presided at the meeting to which he had just made reference, and Mr. J. S. Webb and Dr. Hocken were the first joint secretaries.