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Volume 23, 1890
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The Trustees report that there has been no diminution in the popularity of the Institute. The expenditure has been kept within the income. New books to the amount of £10 have been obtained. The Trustees record their thanks for grants of £20 from the Borough Council and £5 from the County Council, and also to the Borough Council for £10 towards the expense of fitting up the Museum. The number of members is seventy-six, being a slight increase on the last year. Ten ordinary meetings and one special meeting were held, which were well attended. About a hundred volumes have been added to the library. The Trustees record their thanks for numerous donations of newspapers. A Museum has been established, in which the exhibits returned from the South Seas Exhibition, and the other collections of the society, have been arranged by the Curators and Mr. W. G. Johnston. The accounts show that, including a balance from the previous year of £12 13s. 7d., the total income was £126 5s. 11d.; and £28 2s. 8d. is carried forward. The society also has £400 invested, and moneys due to it in excess of its liabilities amounting to £24 9s. 8d.