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Volume 23, 1890
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Exhibits.—During the evening two interesting exhibits were placed before members. The first was a specimen of the bloom of Crinum asiaticum, concerning which there was quite a history to tell. Its introduction was due to Mr. Bidwill, whose name is well known to botanists, and who was the first European to ascend Tongariro. He visited Mr. Colenso at the Bay of Islands some fifty-four or fifty-five years ago, and on his return to Australia he sent over a number of seeds and bulbs. Of these only two tubers of Crinum grew, and when Mr. Colenso came to Hawke's Bay he brought these with him, and for twenty-five years watched and waited to see them bloom, but in vain. At last his patience was rewarded by a fine spike of bloom, and since then the plants have year after year sent up flower-stems. The exhibit was much admired. The other exhibit was a fine specimen of the star-fish, caught at the Spit by a fisherman, and sent to the Museum by Mr. Brugh. It was a large specimen, being about 18in. measured across the extended rays, of which there were eleven.