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Volume 24, 1891


Art. I. Further Coccid Notes: with Descriptions of New Species, and Remarks on Coccids from New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere. By W. M. Maskell, Corr. Mem. Roy. Soc. of South Australia, Registrar of the University of New Zealand 164
II. Notes and Observations on New Zealand Birds. By Sir Walter L. Buller, K.C.M.G., F.R.S. 6474
III. Further Notes and Observations on Certain Species of New Zealand Birds (with Exhibits). By Sir W. L. Buller 7591
IV. On the large Kiwi from Stewart Island (Apteryx maxima). By Sir W. L. Buller 9192
V. The Moas of New Zealand. By Captain F. W. Hutton, F.G.S. 93172
VI. Notes on Moa Gizzard-stones. By A. Hamilton 172175
VII. On the Genus Aptornis, with more Especial Reference to Aptornis defossor, Owen. By A. Hamilton 175184
VIII. Preliminary Notice of Additions to the Extinct Avifauna of New Zealand. By H. O. Forbes: communicated by J. T. Meeson, B.A. 185189
IX. Note on a Species of Platycercus (P. erythrotis, Wagl.) from Antipodes Island. By H. O. Forbes: communicated by J. T. Meeson 190191
X. On a Species of Regalecus or Great Oar-fish, caught in Okain's Bay. By H. O. Forbes: communicated by J. T. Meeson 192198
XI. On some Points in the Anatomy of a Species of Seabear caught off Sumner, Canterbury, New Zealand; with Notes on the New Zealand Eared Seals. By H. O. Forbes: communicated by J. T. Meeson 198200
XII. Note on the Occurrence of Cancer in Fish. By Professor Scott 201
XIII. Notes on Sea-fishes. By George M. Thomson, F.L.S. 202215
XIV. On New Species of Lepidoptera. By E. Meyrick, B.A., F.Z.S. 216220
XV. Catalogue of the Described Species of New Zealand Araneidæ. By A. T. Urquhart, Corr. Mem. Roy. Soc. of Tasmania 220230
XVI. Descriptions of New Species of Araneæ. By A. T. Urquhart 230253
XVII. On New Zealand Araneæ. By P. Goyen, F.L.S. 253257
XVIII. Notes on some New Zealand Amphipoda and Isopoda. By Charles Chilton, M.A., B.Sc. 258269
– vi –
XIX. Contributions to the Molluscan Fauna of New Zealand. By H. Suter 270278
XX. List of the Introduced Land and Fresh-water Mollusca of New Zealand. By H. Suter 279281
XXI. List of Land and Fresh-water Mollusca doubtful for New Zealand or not inhabiting it. By H. Suter 281283
XXII. Miscellaneous Communications on New Zealand Land and Fresh-water Mollusca. By H. Suter 283286
XXIII. On the Dentition of some New Zealand Land and Fresh-water Mollusca, with Descriptions of New Species. By H. Suter 286303
XXIV. Description of a New Genus of the Family Formicidæ. By Aug. Forel, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry in the University of Zurich, Switzerland: communicated by H. Suter 303304
XXV. On the Composite Ascidians of the North Shore Reef. By J. T. Nott, M.A. 305334
XXVI. On the Structure of Boltenia pachydermatina. By James Watt, M.A. From the Biological Laboratory of the University of Otago 334348
XXVII. Animal Intelligence. By William W. Carlile 349354
XXVIII. Instances of Instinct in Insects. By G. V. Hudson, F.E.S. 354358
XXIX. On the Foliated Rocks of Otago. By Professor F. W. Hutton, F.G.S. 359365
XXX. Note on the Boulders in the Port Hills, Nelson. By Captain F. W. Hutton 365
XXXI. The Auckland Volcanoes. By Hugh Shrewsbury, M.A. 366380
XXXII. On the Prospects of finding Workable Coal on the Shores of the Waitemata. By James Park, F.G.S., Lecturer, Thames School of Mines 380384
XXXIII. On the Occurrence of Native Zinc at Hape Creek, Thames. By James Park 384385
XXXIV. On the Occurrence of Native Silver at the Thames Goldfield. By James Park 386
XXXV. A Description of some Newly-discovered Indigenous Plants, being a Further Contribution towards the making known the Botany of New Zealand. By W. Colenso, F.R.S., F.L.S., &c 387394
XXXVI. Description of Three Species of Newly-discovered New Zealand Ferns. By W. Colenso 394398
XXXVII. A List of New Species of Hepatieæ Novæ-Zelandiæ, named by F. Stephani, Leipzig. By W. Colenso 398400
XXXVIII. Plain and Practical Thoughts and Notes on New Zealand Botany. By W. Colenso 400409
XXXIX. On some Recent Additions to the New Zeal and Flora. By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S., F.Z.S., Curator of the Auckland Museum 409412
XL. Additional Notes on the Genus Carex. By T. F. Cheeseman 413416
XLI. Note on the Cleistogamic Flowers of Melicope simplex. By George M. Thomson, F.L.S. 416418
– vii –
XLII. Remarks on the Genus Abrotanella, Cassini, with Descriptions of New Species. By T. Kirk, F.L.S. 418422
XLIII. Descriptions of New Plants from the Vicinity of Port Nicholson. By T. Kirk 423425
XLIV. Notice of the Occurrence of Australian Orchids in New Zealand. By T. Kirk 425428
XLV. On a New Mistletoe. By T. Kirk 429430
XLVI. On the Ancient Relations between New Zealand and South America. By Dr. H. von Jhering, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: communicated by Professor Hutton 431445
XLVII. Vestiges: Reminiscences: Memorabilia of Works, Deeds, and Sayings of the Ancient Maoris. By W. Colenso, F.R.S., F.L.S., &c. 445467
XLVIII. Status quo: A Retrospect.—A Few More Words by way of Explanation and Correction concerning the First Finding of the Bones of the Moa in New Zealand; also Strictures on the Quarterly Reviewer's Severe and Unjust Remarks on the Late Dr. G. A. Mantell, F.R.S., in connection with the same. By W. Colenso 468478
XLIX. The Tradition respecting the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Whakatane. By the late Lieutenant-Colonel St. John: communicated by T. Kirk 478
L. On the Working of Greenstone or Nephrite by the Maoris. By F. R. Chapman 479539
LI. On the Native Dog of New Zealand. By Taylor White 540557
LII. Discoveries of Moa-bones. By H. C. Field 558561
LIII. On the Shifting of Sand-dunes. By H. C. Field 561568
LIV. On Earthquakes in the Vicinity of Wanganui. By H. C. Field 569573
LV. Notes on the Earthquake of the 24th June, 1891. By George Hogben, M.A. 574577
LVI. Notes on the Earthquake of the 5th July, 1891, in Cook Strait: an Attempt to define the Epicentrum. By George Hogben 577579
LVII. On Geyser-action at Rotorua. By Camille Malfroy, C.E., J.P., Chevalier de la Légion d'H onneur 579590
LVIII. The Rotorua Railway and District. By James Stewart, C.E. 591602
LIX. Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe. By H. Hill, B.A., F.G.S. 603625
LX. On the Establishment of an Expert Agricultural Department in New Zealand. By W. M. Maskell, F.R.M.S. 625627
LXI. The Farm: Winter Pasture and its Grazing. By J. R. Wilkinson, M.A. 628630
LXII. On Moth-destruction. By Coleman Phillips 630633
LXIII. Is it expedient to make Vaccination compulsory? By R. H. Bakewell, M.D., &c. 634641
LXIV. Brake-Fins: A Proposed Appliance for the Better Handling of Ocean Steamers. By the Rev. Philip Walsh 641644
LXV. Mill on Demonstration and Necessary Truth. By William W. Carlile, M.A. 644653
LXVI. The Stability of Ships: its Principles made clear by Models and Diagrams. By E. Withy 653676
– viii –
New Zealand Institute.
Twenty-third Annual Report, 1890–91 679680
Accounts for 1890–91 680
Memorandum regarding the New Zealand Institute 681683
Wellington Philosophical Society.
Inaugural Address by the President, E. Tregear, F.R.G.S. 687688
Notice of Salmon caught in Aparima River. By Sir J. Hector 688
On the Coalfields of New Zealand. By Sir J. Hector 688
Views of Old New Zealand 691
Geology of the Kaikouras. By Sir J. Hector 693
Notice of the Appearance of the Horse- or Bot-fly. By W. M. Maskell 696
Mr. A. Koebele and his Study of Blight-destroyers 696697
On Stereo-chemistry, or the Arrangement of Atoms; being the Latest Phase in the Development of the Atomic Theory. By W. P. Evans, M.A., Ph.D. 697698
Annual Report and Balance-sheet 700
Election of Officers for 1892 700
Vote of Thanks to the Retiring President 700
Auckland Institute.
Anniversary Address by the President, Professor F. D. Brown 702703
Notes on the Discovery of some Ancient Maori Relics at Parua Bay, Whangarei. By A. J. Millar 704705
New Species of Coleoptera, Part I. By Captain T. Broun, F.E.S. 705
Presentations to the Museum 705
New Species of Coleoptera, Part II. By Captain T. Broun, F.E.S. 705
Pasteur, Koch, and their Work. By Professor A. P. Thomas, F.L.S. 706
Descriptions of New Species of Coleoptera, Part III. By Captain T. Broun, F.E.S. 706
Note to accompany a Specimen of Kauri Timber taken from a Cottage erected more than Fifty Years ago. By Dr. J. L. Campbell 706707
Exhibition of Old Kauri Flooring. By E. Bartley 707
Annual Report and Balance-sheet 707708
Election of Officers for 1892 708
Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.
Hypnotism. By Robert M. Laing, M.A., B.Sc. 709
Note of the Occurrence in New Zealand of the English Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa grisola). By Professor Hutton 710
Annual Report and Balance-sheet 711
Election of Officers for 1892 711
– ix –
Otago Institute.
On certain Volcanic Appearances in Dowling Street, Dunedin. By L. O. Beal 712
On the Structure of the Mammalian Ovum. By Professor T. J. Parker, F.R.S. 712
On the Growth of Ileodictyon. By Professor Parker 712
Exhibit of Tasmanian Sponges 712
Exhibit of Maori Implements and Ornaments. By F. R. Chapman 713
On the Dunedin Water-supply. By G. M. Thomson, F.L.S. 713
On the Extinction of the Native Birds on the West Coast. By James Richardson 713
Exhibit of Fossil Swordfish 713
Correspondence relating to Reserves for the Protection of Native Birds 713
On the Foundation and Settlement of Canterbury. By Dr. Hocken 713
On some Maori Bone Pendants from Otago. By A. Hamilton 714
Note on a Species of Branchellion found on a Skate. By Professor Parker, F.R.S. 714
Specimens of Dujardinia exhibited by Professor Parker 714
Annual Report and Balance-sheet 715
Election of Officers for 1892 715
On the Rise and Development of the Science of Political Economy. By Professor Gibbons 715
Westland Institute.
Annual Report and Balance-sheet 716
Election of Officers for 1892. 716
Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute.
Inaugural Address by the President, H. Hill, B.A. 717720
On the Rise, Progress, and Power of the Native Press of India. By the Right Rev. Dr. Stuart, Bishop of Waiapu 721
Account of the Introduction of the Bumble-bee to New Zealand. By Dr. Moore 721
On Tuberculine. By Dr. Spencer 721
On Ferns. By H. Pinckney 721
On the Influence of the Ruahine Mountains on the Rainfall of Hawke's Bay. By — Westall 721
Crescent Shadows. By Taylor White 722
Language and the Cow. By Taylor White 722
Language and Water. By Taylor White 722
Annual Report and Balance-sheet 722
Election of Officers for 1892 722
Nelson Philosophical Society.
Exhibits described 723
On the Recent Annual Session of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science. By Sidney Black 723
Resolution regarding the President 723
Presentations to the Museum 723
Exhibits described 723
On the Sectional Work of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science. By Sidney Black 723724
On the Statistics relating to Professor Koch's Cure for Tuberculosis. By Dr. J. Hudson 724
Election of Officers for 1892 724
– x –
Meteorological Statistics for 1891 727
Notes on the Weather in 1891 728
Earthquakes reported in New Zealand during 1891 729
Honorary Members of the New Zealand Institute 730
Ordinary Members of the New Zealand Institute 731739
Institutions and Persons to whom this Volume is presented 740744
Index 745748
Contents v.–x.
List of Plates xi.
Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute xiii.
Abstracts of Rules and Statutes of the New Zealand Institute xiii.–xv.
Roll of Incorporated Societies xvi.
Officers of Incorporated Societies, and Extracts from the Rules xvi.–xix.

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List of Plates.
Author. To Face Page
I. Maskell.—Coccididæ 60
II. " "
III. " "
IV. " "
V. " "
VI. " "
VII. " "
VIII. " "
IX. " "
X. " "
XI. " "
XII. " "
XIII. " "
XIV. Buller.—Nestor notabilis with Deformed Bill. Foot of Penguin with Barnacles 74
XV. Hutton.—Skulls of Moas 172
XVI. " "
XVII. " Bones of Anomalopteryx antiquus 172
XVIII. Scott.—Cancer in Fish 200
XIX. Goyen.—New Zealand Araneæ 256
XX. Suter.—New Zealand Mollusca 278
XXI. " "
XXII. " "
XXIII. " "
XXIV. Nott—New Zealand Composite Ascidians 330
XXV. " "
XXVI. " "
XXVII. " "
XXIX. " "
XXX. " "
XXXI. Watt.—Boltenica pachydermatina 348
XXXII. " "
XXXIV. " "
XXXV. Shrewsbury.—Microscopic Rock-sections 376
XXXVI. Kirk.—Abrotanella muscosa, n.s. 422
XXXVII. " Viscum clavatum 430
XXXVIII. Chapman.—Pirori, or Maori Drill 496
XXXIX. Hogben.—Diagram of Earthquake of 24th June, 1891 578
XL. Malfroy.—Plan and Section of Geysers at Whakarewarewa 590
XLI. " Plan and Section of Oruawhatua and Chameleon Springs
XLII. " Apparatus designed to show Geyseraction
XLIII. Hill.—Map of Country round Tongariro 624
XLIV. " Map of Summit of Ruapehu
XLV. " Crater of Ngauruhoe
XLVI. " Crater-lake on Ruapehu
XLVII. " Sketch-map of Tokaanu
XLVIII. " Ngauruhoe, from Tongariro
XLIX. " Tongariro, from Ngauruhoe
L. Withy.—Diagrams to show Stability of Ships 672
LI. " " "