Go to National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa
Volume 25, 1892


Art. I. On the Classification and Mutual Relations of the Dinornithidœ. By Professor T. Jeffery Parker, F.R.S. 13
II. On the Presence of a Crest of Feathers in certain Species of Moa. By Professor T. Jeffery Parker 36
III. On New Species of Moas. By Captain F. W. Hutton, F.R.S. 613
IV. On Anomalopteryx antiqua. By Captain F. W. Hutton 1416
V. The Moas and the Moa-hunters. By Monsieur A. de Quatrefages. Translated from the French by Laura Buller: communicated by Sir Walter L. Buller, K.C.M.G., F.R.S. 1749
VI. Notes on Mus maorium, Hutton, with Exhibition of Specimen. By Sir Walter L. Buller 4950
VII. Note on the Bats of New Zealand. By Sir Walter L. Buller 5052
VIII. Note on the Flightless Rail of the Chatham Islands (Cabalus modestus). By Sir Walter L. Buller 5253
IX. Notes on New Zealand Birds. By Sir Walter Buller 5363
X. Further Notes on the Birds of New Zealand. By Sir Walter Buller 6388
XI. On the Fissures and Caves at the Castle Rocks, Southland: with a Description of the Remains of the Existing and Extinct Birds found in them. By A. Hamilton 88106
XII. Notes on Birds. By R. I. Kingsley 107108
XIII. On the Occurrence of the Luth, or Leathery Turtle, on the Coasts of New Zealand. By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S. 108110
XIV. On a Specimen of Sunfish captured at Poverty Bay. By Archdeacon W. L. Williams 110111
XV. Further Notes on New Zealand Earthworms, with Observations on the known Aquatic Species. By W. W. Smith 111146
XVI. Contributions to the Molluscan Fauna of New Zealand. By H. Suter: communicated by Professor Hutton 147153
XVII. Notes on New Zealand Insects. By H. Suter: communicated by Professor Hutton 153155
XVIII. An Enumeration of the Janellidœ. By C. Hedley, F.L.S., Assistant in Zoology, Australian Museum: communicated by Professor Hutton 156162
XIX. Synonymical Notes on New Zealand Cicadidœ. By G. V. Hudson, F.E.S. 162163
– vi –
Art. XX. Note on an Ant-like Insect (Betyla fulva, Cameron) parasitic in the New Zealand Glow-worm. By G. V. Hudson 164
XXI. Descriptions of New Species of Araneœ. By A. T. Urquhart, Corr. Mem. Roy. Soc. of Tasmania 165190
XXII. On Eels. By E. O'H. Canavan 191193
XXIII. On a New Zealand Variety of Floscularia coronetta, Cubitt. By Archdeacon Stock, B.A. 193
XXIV. Remarks on the Carabidœ of New Zealand. By Captain T. Broun: communicated by Professor Hutton 194198
XXV. On some Mites parasitic on Beetles and Wood-+. By W. M. Maskell 199201
XXVI. Further Coccid Notes: with Descriptions of New Species from Australia, India, Sandwich Islands, Demerara, and South Pacific. By W. M. Maskell, Corr. Mem. Roy. Soc. of South Australia, Registrar of the University of New Zealand 201252
XXVII. On the Geographical Distribution of Atax. By Dr. H. v. Jhering, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: communicated by G. M. Thomson, F.L.S. 252253
XXVIII. Note on some Sea-trout (Salmon or Salmon-trout?). By F. Sandager: communicated by G. M. Thomson 254
XXIX. Notes on a Land Planarian (sent by F. V. Knapp, Hampden State School, Nelson). By Sir James Hector, K.C.M.G., F.R.S. 255
XXX. Notes on the Southern Seals. By Sir James Hector 255260
XXXI. On Heterostyled Trimorphic Flowers in New Zealand Fuchsias, with Notes on the Distinctive Characters of the Species. By T. Kirk, F.L.S. 261268
XXXII. Description of a New Genus and of New Species of Native Plants, &c. By D. Petri+, M.A., F.L.S. 269275
XXXIII. Notes on the New Zealand Species of the Genus Andreœa, together with Descriptions of some New Species. By R. Brown 276285
XXXIV. Notes on a proposed New Genus of New Zealand Mosses, together with a Description of Three. New Species. By Robert Brown 285287
XXXV. Note on Splachnidium rugosum, Grev. By Robert M. Laing, B.Sc. 288289
XXXVI. Description of New Species of Musci. By T. W. Naylor Beckett, F.L.S. 289297
XXXVII. On some Little-known New Zealand Mosses. By T. W. Naylor Beckett 297302
XXXVIII. On a New Insectivorous Plant in New Zealand. By Sir Walter L. Buller, K.C.M.G., F.R.S. 302304
XXXIX. Botanical Notes from Takaka District. By R. I. Kingsley 304305
XL. On a remarkable Variation in Lomaria lanceolata. By R. I. Kingsley 306
XLI. Bush Jottings: No. 2 (Botanical). By W. Colenso, F.R.S., F.L.S. (Lond.), &c. 307319
XLII. Cryptogams: A Description of a few Lately-discovered Rare Indigenous Ferns; also, Notice of a Fine and Peculiar Fungus, Ileodictyon, Tulasne, =Clathrus, Cooke. By William Colenso 319324
– vii –
Art.XLIII. Phænogams: A Description of some Newly-discovered Indigenous Plants; being a Further Contribution towards the making known the Botany of New Zealand. By William Colenso 324338
XLIV. A List of Fungi recently detected and collected in the Bush District, County of Hawke's Bay; being a Further Contribution to the Indigenous Flora of New Zealand. By W. Colenso 338340
XLV. Memorandum of a few New Species of Hepaticœ lately detected in the Seventy-mile Bush District, as determined by Dr. F. Stephani, of Berlin. W. Colenso 341342
XLVI. Artesian-water Prospects at Wanganni. By H. Hill, B.A., F.G.S. 343347
XLVII. Artesian Wells, Wanganui, New Zealand. By H. Hill 348350
XLVIII. Discovery of Artesian Water-supply, Ruataniwha Plain. By H. Hill 350353
XLIX. On the Occurrence of Granite and Gneissic Rocks in the King-country. By James Park, F.G.S., Lecturer, Thames School of Mines 353362
L. The Earthquake of the 4th December, 1891: Notes thereon. By George Hogben, M.A. 362367
LI. On an Olivine-andesite of Banks Peninsula. By R. Speight, M.A., B.Sc. 367375
LII. On a Diatom Deposit near Pakaraka, Bay of Islands, Auckland. By A. McKay, F.G.S. 375377
LIII. On the Nature of Stinkstone (Anthraconite). By W. Skey 379380
LIV. Further Results obtained in support of my Theory as to the Oxidation of Gold in presence of Air and Water. By W. Skey 381384
LV. Causes of Fire on Shipboard and Elsewhere. By J. C. Firth 385395
LVI. Maori Nomenclature. By T. H. Smith, formerly a Judge of the Native Land Court 395412
LVII. The Extinction of the Moa. By Edward Tregear, F.R.G.S., &c. 413426
LVIII. On a Maori Waiata. By R. C. Bruce, M.H.R. 426428
LIX. Remarks on Dr. H. v. Jhering's Paper “On the Ancient Relations between New Zealand and South America.” By Dr. Karl Mueller, of Halle, Germany 428434
LX. The Effect of Deer on the New Zealand Bush: A Plea for the Protection of our Forest Reserves. By the Rev. P. Walsh 435438
LXI. Unwritten Literature. By R. Coupland Harding 439448
LXII. Observations on Rainbows. By R. Coupland Harding 448449
LXIII. On Rainbows caused by Reflection in Still Water, and on Elliptically-generated Rainbows. By Major-General Schaw, C.B., R.E. 450459
LXIV. Sanitation and Ventilation as required in a Modern House. By Edward Withy 459478
– viii –
Art. LXV. The Effect of Current Electricity upon Plant-growth. By H. N. McLeod 479482
LXVI. Notes on some Bone Combs for dressing the Head of a Maori Chief, found in Otago. By A. Hamilton 483486
LXVII. Notes on some Old Flax Mats found in Otago. By A. Hamilton 486488
LXVIII. On Two Bone Pendants found in the South Island of New Zealand. By A. Hamilton 489491
LXIX. Notes on Maori Necklaces. By A. Hamilton 491493
LXX. Discovery of Maori Implements at Takaka, Nelson. By R. I. Kingsley 494495
LXXI. Observations on Mr. T. White's Paper “On the Native Dog of New Zealand,” Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, Vol. xxiv., Art. 57. By W. Colenso, F.R.S., F.L.S. (Lond.), &c. 495503
LXXII. On Remains of the Moa in the Forest. By Taylor White 504505
LXXIII. After-images. By Miss K. Browning 506509
LXXIV. Analogy between Light and Sound: Are they Convertible? By Miss Annette Wilson 510514
LXXV. National Melodies. By Miss Morrison 514515
LXXVI. Notes regarding Icebergs at the Chatham Islands. By A. Shand 516517
New Zealand Institute.
Twenty-fourth Annual Report, 1891–92 521522
Accounts for 1891–92 522
Wellington Philosophical Society.
Notes on a Kapu, or Carved Funnel, and a Kaea, or Maori Wartrumpet. By Sir W. Buller, K.C.M.G., F.R.S. 527528
Notes on Exhibits 528
Notes on an Albino Sparrow. By Sir W. Buller 532
Remarks on Articles made of Taranaki Ironsand. By E. M. Smith, M.H.R. 532533
On the Antiquity of the Moa. By Captain G. Mair 534535
Note on the Occurrence of the Hedge-sparrow (Accentor modularis) in New Zealand. By Sir W. Buller 535
Note on a White Tern (Gygis alba) from the Kermadec Islands. By Sir W. Buller 535
Exhibit of Pottery and Nails found at Lyall's Bay. By J. Capper 537
On the Blue-necked Crested Shag (Phalacrocorax nycthemerus) from Antipodes Island. By Sir W. Buller 537
Remarks on Blights 539
On Acclimatised Salmon and Trout. By Sir J. Hector 539
Notes on Guano from the Islands. By Sir J. Hector 541
Notes on Supersulphate of Soda. By Sir J. Hector 542
– ix –
Exhibit of Strelitzia in flower 542
Abstract of Annual Report 542
Election of Officers for 1893 543
On a Curious Property of Odd Numbers. By T. B. Harding: communicated by R. C. Harding 544545
Auckland Institute.
Anniversary Address by the President, Professor F. D. Brown 546
Evolutionary Ethics. By the Rev. J. Bates 546, 548
The Aryans in their Primitive Home. By Professor C. A. Pond 547
Exhibition of a New Wave-machine. By Professor Brown 548
On some Peculiarities of the Maori Language. By F. D. Fenton 548
Exhibition of a Model Geyser, designed by Mr. C. Malfroy 549
An Army of Defenders: An Account of Metchnikoff's Discoveries concerning the Power of Resistance against Disease. By Professor A. P. Thomas 549
New Species of Coleoptera. By Captain T. Broun 549
Abstract of Annual Report 550551
Election of Officers for 1893 551
Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.
On Hail. By Professor A. W. Bickerton, F.C.S. 553
On the Equilibrium of Gaseous Cosmic Spheres. By Professor A. W. Bickerton 553
On some Causes for the Low Temperature of Dissociation. By Professor Bickerton 553
On Methods of determining the Rate of Increase of the Attraction of Molecules in Terms of their Diameter. By Professor Bickerton 553
On the Specific Heat of Solutions at Constant Volume. By Professor Bickerton 553
Notes on the Earthquakes of 1891–92. By G. Hogben, M.A. 554
Abstract of Annual Report 554
Election of Officers for 1893 554
Otago Institute.
A Page of Latter-day Literature. By Dr. Belcher 558
Additional Note on the Presence of a Crest of Feathers in some Kinds of Moa 559
On a Genus of Boragineœ new to New Zealand. By D. Pelin, M.A., F.L.S. 559
On the Volatilisation of Silver. By D. Wilkinson 559
On Recent Researches in Easter Island. By A. Hamilton 559560
Further Notes on Greenstone. By F. Chapman 560
On the Early History of New Zealand. By Dr. T. M. Hocken 560
On Aluminium and its Uses. By D. Wilkinson 560
Abstract of Annual Report 560561
Election of Officers for 1893 561
Address on Politics. By the President, C. W. Adams 561
Westland Institute.
Abstract of Annual Report 562
Election of Officers for 1893 562
– x –
Hawke's bay Philosophical Institute.
On Microbes: Inaugural Address by the Vice-president, Dr. Moore 563
Science in Cricket. By Neil Heath 563
Numismatics. By Mr. Lund 563
Account of the Waitomo Caves. By T. Humphries 563
On Metre in Poetry. By Dr. Innes 563
On Submarine Telegraphy. By Mr. Cook 563
On Weight. By Dr. Lucas 564
On Coins. By Mr. Lund 564
On a Radiant Phenomenon. By the Rev. W. Colenso, F.R.S., F.L.S 564
On the Power of Attraction on the Earth's Surface. By Mr Lessong 564
On the Native Dog of New Zealand. By Taylor White 564
On the Maori Dog and the Dog Philological. By Taylor White 564
Was the Original Dog of the Aryans of a White Colour? By Taylor White 565
On Submarine Telegraph Cables. By Charles J. Cooke 565
Abstract of Annual Report 565
Nelson Philosophical Society.
Election of President 566
Resolution regarding resignation of the late President, Bishop Suter 566
Exhibits described 566
List of presentations 567
Criticism on Mr. E. Tregear's Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary. (Part I.) By A. S. Atkinson 567
On Islam. By the Rev. W. St. Clair Tisdall 567
Criticism on Mr. E. Tregear's Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary. (Part II.) By A. S. Atkinson 567
Abstract of Annual Report 567
Election of Officers for 1893 567568
Criticism on Mr. E. Tregear's Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary. (Part III.) By A. S. Atkinson 568
Meteorological Statistics for 1892 571
Notes on the Weather in 1892 572
Earthquakes reported in New Zealand during 1892 573
Honorary Members of the New Zealand Institute 574
Ordinary Members of the New Zealand Institute 575583
Institutions and Persons to whom this Volume is presented 584588
Index 589592
Contents v.–x.
List of Plates xi.–xii.
Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute xiii.
Abstracts of Rules and Statutes of the New Zealand Institute xiii.–xv.
Roll of Incorporated Societies xvi.
Officers of Incorporated Societies, and Extracts from the Rules xvi.–xix.

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List of Plates.
Author. To Face Page
I. Parker.—Mesopteryx 4
II. " Dinornis torosus
III. " Anomalopteryx didiformis
IV. Hutton.—Anomalopteryx antiqua 16
V. Buller.—Heteralocha acutirostris 56
VI. " Apteryx bulleri 64
VII. Hamilton.—Plan of Castle Rocks Cave 88
VIIa. " Diagrams of Bones of Anas finschii 96
VIIb. " " " Apteryx australis
VIIc. " Harpagornis
VIId. " "
VIII. " Diagrams of Bones of Apteryx australis
VIIIa. Williams.—Orthagoriscus mola 110
IX. Hudson.—Betyla fulva 164
X. Stock.—Floscularia coronetta 192
XI. Maskell.—Coccids 208
XII. " " 216
XIII. " "
XIV. " " 224
XV. " "
XVI. " "
XVII. " " 240
XVIII. " "
XIX. Kirk.—New Zealand Fuchsias 264
XX. Petrie.—New Zealand Plants 272
XXI. Brown.—New Zealand Mosses 280
XXII. " "
XXIII. " "
XXIV. " "
XXV. " "
XXVI. " "
XXVII. " "
XXIX. " "
XXX. " "
XXXI. " "
XXXII. " " 284
XXXIV. Beckett.—New Zealand Mosses 296
XXXV. " "
XXXVI. " "
XXXIX. " "
XL. " "
XLI. " "
XLII. " "
XLIII. " "
XLIV. " "
– xii –

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XLV. Hill.—Section of Artesian Well at Wanganui 348
XLVI. Hogben.—Diagram of Earthquake of 4th Dec., 1891 364
XLVII. Speight.—Sections of Olivine-andesite 368
XLVIII. Withy.—Diagrams of Systems of Sanitation and Ventilation 472
XLIX. " Ditto
L. Schaw.—Diagrams of Rainbows 456
LI. " "
LII. Hamilton.—Maori Combs and Mats 488
LIII. " Bone Pendants 488
LIV. Kingsley.—Maori Implements 494
LV. Morrison.—Maori Music 516