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Volume 26, 1893
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Art. III.—Notes on New Zealand, Neuroptera.

[Read before the Wellington Philosophical Society, 20th September, 1893]

1. Stenosmylus incisus, McLachlan.

Mr. Hudson had taken single specimens of this lovely in sect at various localities in the vicinity of Wellington from the year 1886 down to the present time. The species occurs amongst ferns and undergrowth in dense forests, generally at the bottom of deep ravines.

2. Stenosmylus citrinus, McLachlan.

This closely allied, but much rarer, species appears to be restricted to the forest-gully at the back of the Khandallah Railway-station, where five specimens have occurred, four last November, and one in December, 1889. The precise locality of the type-specimen is not mentioned by Mr. McLachlan.

3. A new (?) species.

Apparently closely allied to Stenosmylus. Taken at the source of the River Pearse, on the track to the tableland of Mount Arthur (Nelson District), January, 1889.

4. Another new (?). species of Stenosmylus (?).

Taken in the Orongorongo Valley, Wellington, January, 1892. These are both represented by single specimens, but

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will be submitted to Mr. McLachlan as soon as others are captured.

5. Two species of Coleoptera (Rhyncodes saundersi, White, and R. ursus, White).

Taken at Lake Rotoiti (Nelson) and Wellington in forest, but only singly.

[Mr. Hudson expressed the opinion that the series shown appeared to connect the two species.]