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Volume 26, 1893
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Art. XXI.—Materials for a Bibliography of the Dinornithidæ, the Great Extinct Birds of New Zealand, usually called Moas.

[Read before the Otago Institute, 14th November, 1893.]

The great increase within the last decade of transactions and proceedings of societies, magazines, and journals has rendered it more difficult than ever for students of natural history to peruse the literature of any subject that he may be

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working at without the aid of such valuable publications as the “Records.” To those resident in the colonies, opportunities of consulting a full set of, say, the “Zoological Review” must be few and far between; and, even if the opportunity offers, a great deal of time must be consumed in the search for that which is required. Having myself experienced considerable difficulty in this way whilst working at the study of the remains of the extinct birds of New Zealand, I thought that the references which I had accumulated would, if systematically arranged, form the basis of a bibliography of what has already been written on the subject of the moa.

I am particular in calling it only a contribution to the subject, as I am well aware that it is practically impossible for a single hand to collect every reference. There will no doubt be many an omission to repair and correction to be made in a future volume; and I shall be extremely grateful to any correspondent who will assist me in completing the bibliography, and thereby facilitate the labours of future workers in this field.

It has been suggested to me that I ought to discriminate, and only enter on the list papers and articles of scientific value and worth; but I take it that this course would totally destroy the value of the work as a bibliography; and, further, that I am hardly justified in saying that a record is valueless because it seems to me, with our present knowledge of the subject, ridiculous or absurd. It will be a long while yet before the last word on the history of the extinct birds of New Zealand is said, or the various questions settled and elucidated.

I desire, therefore, to record newspaper notices, magazine articles, &c., which may, perhaps, seem trivial. The only references that I feel justified in omitting are those in zoological text-books and stories professedly fictitious. When the work is nearer completion I desire to arrange the references under various subject-heads.

To those authors whose writings I have omitted I must tender my apologies, and plead in excuse the discontinuous nature of my work, which has had to be done in odd moments in the intervals of other work and duties; and also the absence of several important works of reference which should have been consulted.

I trust, however, that the list will serve as a basis for further records, and I shall be pleased to receive any corrections and additions that any one will kindly forward to me.

Note.—I have endeavoured as far as I could to give the date of the reading of the paper. In some cases, however, the date is the date of the publication of the volume in which the paper or notice occurs.

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Author. Title of Paper. Name of Publication, Volume Pages Plates Date
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And Proc.
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– 232 –
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– 233 –
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[Footnote] * This paper was forwarded to the secretary of the Tasmanian Society before 1st May, 1842, as the MS. copy published by Owen is dated 1st May, 1842. (See “Status quo,” Trans. N.Z. Inst., vol. xxiv., pp. 473, 474.) Mr. Colenso states that he first knew of the moa in January, 1838.

– 234 –
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– 235 –
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– 236 –
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– 237 –
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– 239 –
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– 240 –
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– 241 –
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Copied from La Nature
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