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Volume 26, 1893
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Twenty-fifth Annual Report, with a Memorandum Thereto.

Meetings of the Board were held during the past year on the following dates: 30th August, 1892; 11th January, 13th February, and 19th May, 1893.

The following members were elected by the incorporated societies as Governors of the Institute, in conformity with the Act: Mr. J. McKerrow, Mr. S. Percy Smith, and Sir Walter Buller.

The nominated members who retired from the Board in conformity with clause 6 of the Act are the Hon. Mr. Robert Pharazyn, the Hon. Mr. Mantell, and Mr. W. T. L. Travers; His Excellency had reappointed the Hon. Mr. Mantell and Mr. W. T. L. Travers, and appointed Mr. E. Tregear in the place of the Hon. Mr. Pharazyn.

Since the publication of last report the Institute has lost one of its distinguished honorary members by the death of Sir Richard Owen, K.C.B., D.C.L., F.R.S.

The members now on the roll of the Institute are: Honorary members, 29; ordinary members—Auckland Institute, 187; Wellington Philosophical Society, 147; Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, 75; Otago Institute, 106; Westland Institute, 70; Hawke's Bay Philosophical Society, 116; and Nelson Philosophical Society, 35: making a total of 765.

The volumes of the Transactions now in stock are: Vol. I. (second edition), 255; Vol. V., 22; Vol. VI., 23; Vol. VII., 112; Vol. IX., 114; Vol. X., 144; Vol. XI., 35; Vol. XII., 40; Vol. XIII., 40; Vol. XIV., 63; Vol. XV., 177; Vol. XVI., 175; Vol. XVII., 178; Vol. XVIII., 154; Vol. XIX., 166; Vol. XX., 168; Vol. XXI., 98; Vol. XXII., 98; Vol. XXIII., 178; Vol. XXIV., 180; Vol. XXV., not fully distributed.

The volume (XXV.) just published was issued in June, and contains seventy-six articles, together with addresses and abstracts of papers which appear in the Proceedings. The volume contains 612 pages of letter-press and 55 plates. The

– 628 –

following is a comparison of the contents of the present with those of last year's volume:—

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1893. 1892.
Pages. Pages.
Miscellaneous 134 246
Zoology 260 358
Botany 82 44
Geology 36 28
Chemistry 6
Proceedings 50 48
Appendix 44 45
612 769

The cost of printing Vol. XXIV. was £385 13s. 9d. for 769 pages, and that for Vol. XXV. £388 9s. for 612 pages, but this latter includes the sum of £33 18s. 9d. for a portion of the lithographic work which should have been charged to Vol. XXIV.

During the year the Board have published, at a cost of £179 16s. 8d., Parts V., VI., and VII. of the “Manual of the New Zealand Coleoptera,” by Captain Thomas Broun, in continuation of the former parts which were published by Government. This work now comprises 1,504 pages, and describes 2,592 species of Coleoptera.

The Honorary Treasurer's statement of accounts shows a balance in hand in current account of £61 16s.

The amount devoted to the printing of memoirs and postponed papers (in accordance with resolution of May, 1885) is now £700.

Approved by Board.

Thomas Mason,

Chairman.Wellington, 11th July, 1893.

James Hector,