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Volume 27, 1894
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Flora Antarctica, 1847. (Sir J. D. Hooker.)

Species, Ordines, et Genera Algarum, 1848–1863. (J. G. Agardh.)

Species Algarum, 1849. (Kützing.)

Flora Novæ Zealandiæ, 1853–1855. (Sir J. D. Hooker.)

Phycologia Australica, 1858–1863. (Harvey.)

Handbook of the New Zealand Flora, 1864. (Sir J. D. Hooker.)

Epicrisis Systematis Floridearum, 1876. (J. G. Agardh.)

De Algis Marinis Novæ Zealandiæ, 1877. (J. G. Agardh.)

The Marine Algæ of Kerguelen Land, 1879. (Dickie.) (Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc., vol. clxvii.)

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Origin of the New Zealand Fauna and Flora, 1884. (Captain Hutton.) (New Zealand Journal of Science, vol. ii.)

Reports of the “Challenger”: Botany, vol. i., 1885. (W. Botting Hemsley.)

Island Life (2nd ed.), 1892. (Wallace.)

Catalogue of Marine Algæ collected near Port Philip Heads, 1892. (Bracebridge Wilson.) (Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria, vol. iv., part 2.)

A Provisional List of the Marine Algæ of the Cape of Good Hope, 1893. (Ethel S. Barton.) (Journal of Botany, vol. xxxi.)

On some Marine Algæ from New Zealand, 1893. (R. J. Harvey Gibson.) (Journal of Botany, vol. xxxi.)

A Comparison of the Marine Floras of the warm Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and the Cape of Good Hope, 1893. (G. Murray.) (Phycological Memoirs, part ii.)